Using Google Sheets to bulk upload metadata into Atlan

Using Google Sheets to bulk upload metadata into Atlan

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πŸ€“ Why?

Want to give your documentation clean-up drive a jump start? Sometimes a core team of 1-3 contributors will decide to upload documentation for a large number of data assets at once.

Atlan makes this easy by allowing you to easily curate documentation in a Google Sheet (or even upload existing Google Sheets) using our APIs.

πŸ“„ What is a Google Sheet Metadata Template ?

Atlan's Google Sheet Metadata Template is a structured metadata template that allows you to bulk upload your metadata into Atlan.

πŸ‘‰ TL;DR: Uploading your metadata to Atlan through Google Sheets

1️⃣ Use Atlan's search endpoint to export a list of data assets (including individual column names).

2️⃣ Reorganize existing metadata into Atlan's Google Sheet template.

If there are available, pre-existing data dictionaries on Excel or Google Sheets, simply reorganize them into Atlan's Bulk Upload metadata template.

3️⃣ Assign contributors on Google Sheets to crowdsource metadata.

Just assign contributors to each data asset on Google Sheets, and get them to start filling out metadata!

4️⃣ Use Atlan's APIs to upload the finished Google Sheet to update metadata in Atlan.

πŸ“” Resources

Pro Tip: Fill out and "verify" a table in Atlan with all the information in the ideal structure. This helps to set a benchmark and standards for the other contributors.

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