Building a documentation progress dashboard using Atlan APIs

Building a documentation progress dashboard using Atlan APIs

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πŸ€“ Why?

As an organization's metadata and business glossary grows and matures, how can the person responsible for it keep track of its progress? For example, how many columns have descriptions? How many new terms are added per day? How many are getting verified?

πŸ“„ What is a Metadata Progress Tracker?

As a team works on enriching data assets in Atlan, the Metadata Progress Tracker helps in tracking the progress of those efforts. From tracking how many assets are verified to which assets need to be enriched, this is a great way to get more insights about the metadata inside Atlan.

Every organization has their own set of metrics they will want to track to measure progress. That's why Atlan provides flexible APIs β€” these pull the information you need to build the dashboards you want, in the BI tool of your choice. We've even seen organizations create these dashboards in Google Sheets.

πŸ‘‰ TL;DR: Creating your own documentation progress dashboard

1️⃣ Start by defining the end goal and metrics to track.

There could be so many metrics to measure while building your data workspace. That's why it's important to start by tracking only a few important metrics. Set an end goal for the first few weeks, like getting 50 glossary terms verified or adding column descriptions to 100 tables. Then you can choose the metrics to track based on this goal.

Here are some of the metrics we have seen users track:

Metrics to track

Most used terms in the last 7 days
Growth in the number of terms
Count of terms by glossary and category
Number of verified, WIP terms week on week
Percentage of terms having no descriptions
Number of terms by owners
Tables & Dashboards
Number of tables and columns cataloged
Percentage of tables verified
Percentage of tables with descriptions
Percentage of tables with at least 50% column descriptions filled
Percentage of tables with owners assigned
Percentage of tables with classification attached
Usage Behavior
Number of active users
Most used feature

2️⃣ Use Atlan's API to pull the metrics to a database or Google Sheets.

Atlan lets you pull aggregated counts to build a customized progress tracker. Here are some of the API endpoints that you can use:

πŸ“” Resources

R Script to get a list of assets along with metadata

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