#12 Future of the Modern Data Stack - 2022


Happy new year!

Being in data space is equal parts fun and crazy! And being data leaders you’d know that there’s so much hype and rapid change, it’s hard to know what trends are here to stay and which will disappear just as quickly as they arose.

As we step into a new year, I wanted to share with you six ideas you should know about the modern data stack going into 2022 — the ones that exploded in the data world last year and don’t seem to be going away. Prukalpa and our team at Atlan have created a detailed guide where we discuss these ideas, some of the popular names coming up in these areas, and our take on them. You will find it attached in the email for you. 💙

Here’s a peek into the six ideas in the future of modern data stack in 2022:

  1. Data Mesh
  2. Metrics Layer
  3. Reverse ETL
  4. Active Metadata & Third-Gen Catalogs
  5. Data Teams as Product Teams
  6. Data Observability

What do you think about these trends? Would love to hear your thoughts! :) 



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