#15 Planning and goal-setting workshop for your team

Hope you are doing well!

In last week’s digest, I discussed with you the Data Advantage Matrix and how it can help you design your data strategy. A lot of you have since mentioned how the planning and goal-setting workshop that we did for your data teams in the past helped prepare you for your data strategy planning. So, in this week’s digest, I wanted to talk a bit more about this workshop.

The idea for this workshop was born from our own experience of being a data team and was designed by our founders Prukalpa and Varun. This is a workshop we still run internally for our own strategy and planning sessions and is a process very dear to us at Atlan 💙 Briefly, the objective of the workshop is to:

  1. Reflect on the past year (or last data initiatives)
  2. Set goals for the year ahead
  3. image
  4. Use the HMW (How Might We) design thinking principles to brainstorm how we can proactively solve challenges.

We recommend tailoring the duration and structure of the session based on your data team size. Typically, you can cover everything in a 60-90 minute session. We also strongly recommend having a person to facilitate the workshop and sort out the logistics in advance (e.g. setting up a collaboration tool for brainstorming together). Since the nature of the workshop is hands-on, it allows everyone in the team to have a say in the broader data strategy process.

In the past, we have received great feedback from the DataOps champions who have run this workshop for their teams. Currently, we are in the process of scheduling these sessions for this year so if this is something that interests you, let us know. Just a heads-up that we have limited spots left and will be freezing the slots until March by end of next week (11th Feb) 🌸

If you would like to know more, feel free to either reply to my email or reach out to your Data Success Manager.

Speak soon, Nandini

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