#19 We raised $50 MILLION to build the future of metadata!


This week’s email is super special! We are so excited to share with you that Atlan raised $50M led by Salesforce Ventures, Sequoia, and Insight with participation from existing investors.

As we celebrate this moment, we wanted to thank you for your incredible partnership and for your trust in us. It is only because of inspiring data champions and leaders like you that we are here today – thank you for being the wind beneath our wings. 💙

Fundraise announcements are often boring, so today we want to share what this fundraise really means to us and what’s next in our journey to move the needle for data teams around the world. Read the blog here: Link.

This additional funding allows us the resources to continue to invest in areas that are near and dear to us, and we wanted to highlight some particular areas of focus for us in the coming year:

Continuing to invest heavily in product, to help teams drive value from metadata

We believe that the next leap forward in the metadata space will not come from perfecting the architecture. Instead, it will come from helping data teams get real value from the gold mine of metadata that’s generated today. To make this future happen, we need to open up metadata and move from augmented data catalogs to “metadata anywhere” orchestration systems. For the past year, we’ve been quietly working towards making this new world of active metadata a reality, and we can’t wait to show you our progress. Stay tuned for some exciting updates in the near future. 😉

Investing in building the best customer experience humanly possible

In our early days at Atlan, we wrote an internal manifesto about what it would take to be the kind of company that we wished we could partner with when we were a data team ourselves. These principles have driven almost all our product and business decisions since Day Zero. One of these principles is, “Be a partner, not a vendor.”

When data teams bring on Atlan, they’re often going through a critical transformation. Our champions face the challenge of helping their teams move from a reactive “data service” mindset to a proactive “data product” mindset. While technology is an important part of this transition, the way that a data team evolves its culture and rituals is just as important. We’ve consciously chosen to be more than just the provider of a product and invest heavily into helping our customers with culture enablement. For us, this means treating our customers’ goals as our own. It means going above and beyond, and doing whatever we can to help them succeed.

Last year, we started with a small community space for our customers to share frameworks and best practices. In the coming year, you will see us invest heavily in doing more to help drive the data culture stack forward — for our customers, but also for any data team looking to work together better.

Giving back to the data community

Our mission at Atlan is to help data teams do their lives’ best work, together. The first and most impactful way to achieve this was by building a great product. But the product was always just supposed to be one part of the mission.

Today this funding allows us to expand our efforts to give back to the community that has been so supportive of our work.

In the coming year, we’ll work to share this information openly and transparently. We’ll continue to invest in educational content and resources, sponsor meetups and communities, and contribute back to the important open-source initiatives and projects that we’re passionate about.

Read the full blog here about what’s coming next: https://humansofdata.atlan.com/2022/03/atlan-raises-series-b/

As always, would love for your thoughts, questions and feedback 💙 

Thank you for being a believer in our journey. It means the world to us and we don’t take the trust you’ve placed in us lightly 🙏


Prukalpa & Varun

Cofounders at Atlan

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