#2 Pipeline Runs


When was the sales data last updated?

The data on this dashboard looks off?

Oh no... seems like pipeline didn't run. Again.

Do your Slack messages look like this? 👆

Trust is hard to earn, easy to break. To build a culture of trust around their data, some of our amazing DataOps champions integrated metadata from their data pipeline using our brand new Airflow plugin into Atlan.

Now every data asset in enriched with information like:

  • Data freshness (e.g. last updated date and time)
  • Pipeline run status (e.g. success or failure)
  • Links to the pipeline (e.g. a link to the relevant Airflow DAG for troubleshooting)

Check out an example custom widget on the data asset profile 👇

Want to ensure that data engineers don't need to wake up at 3 a.m. to check if there's a broken pipeline? And that end users will never make an important decision on stale data? Check out the detailed community article on how to setup a pipeline integration with Atlan here. ⚡️

What do you think? Could you see yourself using this? Let me know, would love feedback!

Speak Soon,