#20 The Beginner’s Guide to the Modern Data Stack in 2022


Modern Data Stack world is buzzing with a ton of great stuff from the amazing community spread out across the world. But, if you are someone new in the space, it can be hard to separate quality content from the noise. This has also come up in office hours sessions with a lot of our DataOps Champions like you, where you talked about how quickly things change, and as data leaders, you want to stay on top of the ongoings in the data world.

Prukalpa had previously published a list of her recommendations for 2021. So, in this week’s digest, I wanted to share with you the beginner's guide to the modern data stack in 2022, put together with much love from Prukalpa and our team at Atlan.

🏁 Start with these articles

Some of these are older but continue to be great foundational resources even now. Start here 👇

This blog from Tristan Handy is a good primer to the fundamental innovations that created the modern data stack, where we’re at right now, and key spaces to pay attention to for future innovation.

My blog post is a beginner’s guide to defining a modern data platform, the key building blocks of a modern data platform, and the top tools and companies at every stage of the stack.

A great, in-depth read from a16z about which technologies are winning in the modern data stack, based on interviews with 20+ practitioners.

In this blog, I break down the six ideas about the modern data stack that you should know in 2022 — the ones that exploded in the data world last year.

This blog from Benn Stancil is a great read to understand the “experiential roadmap” for how different tools in the stack can together enable data teams and create a modern data experience.

🎙Tune in to these podcasts

Hosted by Tobias Macey, this podcast covers in-depth conversations about different data tools. Most conversations on this podcast get down to the information we need to know about a new data tool or project: how it works, how it’s deployed, how it compares with other tools, etc.

Co-hosted by Tristan Handy and Julia Schottenstein from dbt Labs, this bi-weekly podcast has some great conversations with data practitioners and leaders on the future of analytics engineering.

This podcast from Kostas Pardalis & Eric Dodds from Rudderstack feature “conversations at the intersection of data engineering and business”.

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A weekly newsletter that Prukalpa started to share her views on the latest in the world of the modern data stack, metadata, and data memes with the data community.

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