#21 Planning Atlan rollout in your org? Signup for a workshop to understand your data teams


Given the immensely diverse structure of data teams, it can be hard to decide where you should start when you think about rolling out Atlan in the organization. One thing we strongly recommend is to always start with a good understanding of your end-users. In the past, we have talked about user surveys and user interviews as a tool to understand your teams. In this week's digest, I wanted to talk about a new tool – the “Data Team Challenges Workshop”.

The idea for this workshop was born from all the conversations we have had with our amazing DataOps champions. We often discussed tools and methodologies to understand the dynamics of different teams in the organization in an effective and collaborative manner and this took the form of a workshop.

The key objectives of this workshop are:

  1. Understand the type of work your teams do, the tools they use, and help them think about some of their biggest pain points
  2. image
  3. Do a prioritization exercise with the team to understand the three most important things for them in Atlan that will bring the biggest delta to their efficiency in daily workflows
  4. image
  5. Leverage HMW (How Might We) design thinking techniques to proactively identify any challenges that might block them from adopting Atlan

We recommend tailoring the duration and structure of the session based on the number of teams you are inviting to the workshop. We have often seen that 60-90minutes is a good duration.

Also, in terms of who you should invite to these workshops, we have seen 2 broad patterns.

  • You can either invite only the team leads to the call, or
  • you can invite both the team leads and their teams.

This depends solely on your preference. Our recommendation is that you split into 2 different workshops if you have over 30 people on the call. This is to ensure that everyone can collaborate efficiently and gets a chance to share their thoughts.

Ever since we started this workshop, we have been receiving great feedback from the DataOps champions who have run this workshop for their teams. If you think this can help you strategize your rollout plan in the organization, let us know. Just a heads-up that we have limited spots left for this cohort and will be freezing the slots until June by end of next week (29th April). 😊

If you would like to know more, feel free to either reply to my email or reach out to your Data Success Manager.

Speak soon, Nandini

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