#4 Planning your gamification drive: the 3Ws, clear ownership, gamification planner & more


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about running a gamification drive to crowdsource documentation and build a documentation first culture. Since then, I've spoken to several of you in our office hours to help launch gamification drives in your teams.

One question that I was often asked in these conversations was - "So we are really excited about gamification but are not entirely sure where to begin?"

So, in this week’s community digest, I wanted to introduce an easy-to-use Gamification Planning template that our team put together to help you plan & execute your gamification drive to the T.


The gamification planner template will make it really easy for you to think through all the pre-requisites you need to fulfill before launching your gamification drive:

  • Answering your 3 Ws: Why, Who & What
  • Define clear ownership: Who are your champions? Who's doing what? Are you creating team-level goals or individual-level goals?
  • Create your gamification calendar: When are you going to launch? What are the key milestones? How are you planning to keep the excitement up? Define your communication medium & plan.
  • Pre-launch Prep: Pro-actively identify all events that can potentially lead to the gamification drive failing, and plan to avoid them
  • Scoring Criteria and Prizes: What are you incentivizing? What are the prizes?
  • Communication Plan: How are you planning to keep the excitement up? What mediums will you use to communicate?

Here's the link to the gamification drive planner template to help you get started! As always, a detailed article is also up on our community website - Link

If you have any questions or want to discuss this in detail shoot me an email. Always happy to help over an office hours session!

Speak soon,