#5 Metadata Progress Trackers & Dashboards


For the last couple of weeks, I've been speaking to y'all about gamification, nailing down your use cases, and strategising roll-out. A common question that we've seen come up is, "How do we track progress as we enrich our metadata?"

So, in this week’s community digest, I wanted to share how you can setup a Metadata Progress Tracker using Atlan's APIs. From tracking how many assets are verified to which assets need to be enriched, this is a great way to get more insights about the status of your data assets in Atlan.

Briefly, there are 2 steps to creating your customized progress tracker:

  • Define the end goal and metrics to track: Every organization is unique in its own way. This means you would want to internally agree on your end goals and subsequently, on the set of metrics that you want to track. To begin with, start by tracking only a few important metrics. For example, you could set an end goal for the first few weeks, like getting 50 glossary terms verified or adding column descriptions to 100 tables. Choose the metrics to track based on this goal. Here are some of metrics we have often seen users track👇
  • Use Atlan's API to pull the metrics to a database or Google Sheets - Once you have finalized the metrics you'd like to track, the next step would be to pull together all the data you would need. Our APIs are flexible so you can get as creative as you want to pull any information you need, to create any dashboard you want, in the BI tool of your choice. Here are some of the endpoints you can use:

Pro tip: We have also put together an R script that you can use to leverage the API and pull the raw data you need for building your progress tracker.

To know more about building a documentation progress tracker, check out the detailed community article here.

If you have any questions on how to setup an Atlan progress tracker, shoot me an email or setup time with your data success manager to chat. We'd be happy to help!

Speak soon,