Launching.....Inspiration from Atlan’s Community 💙


In my role as the founder of Atlan, I consider myself incredibly lucky. On a daily basis, I get to speak with amazing DataOps champions like you who push the boundaries and drive their data teams forward. Everyday, y'all teach me new things and inspire me with your ideas. 🙌

We founded Atlan with the belief that in data teams, the sum is greater than its parts. Everything we do is in the pursuit of our mission — to help the humans of data, do more, together. For the past few years, our way of getting one step closer was through a singleminded focus on building an amazing product.

But, building a dream data team is not just about implementing a tech stack. In the last few months, I've had many virtual coffee chats with our community of champions driving the DataOps culture code  forward in their teams! Surprisingly, many of these conversations weren't about Atlan, or product feature ideas (though that came up too! 😉)... instead, they were about cultural rituals, best practices, internal team challenges, setting the right processes in place....

Some of those conversations inspired an idea: to take our mission one step forward by creating a safe space for our amazing DataOps champions to learn... together. ♥️

For the past few weeks, our team has been hard at work. Today, we're super excited to share a preview of our Atlan Community Inspiration site featuring best case practices, guides and TL;DRs from the community. We're going to be constantly adding more resources, and inspiration from the community in the next few weeks!

Some of my favorite reads to get you started:

👉 Creating a DataDoc template on Atlan to allow end users to start with an easy to use template for documentation. Read more here.

👉 Running a weekly documentation hour to create mindspace for your champions to clear documentation backlog. Hopefully while having some fun! Read more here.

What do you think? What are the topics that are top of mind for you? Hit reply and let us know!

Yours truly,

Prukalpa (and team Atlan)

P.S: From this week onwards, I'm also going to start a regular digest delivered straight to your inbox featuring my favorite community ideas and inspiration!