#9 Wrapping up use case series with a use case planner!

The last couple of weeks, we have been decoding what goes into a successful use case roll-out. We started out with a 4-part series, and today is Part 4 — where we tie it all up together. For a quick recap, here's what we discussed: 1️⃣ Start out with a user survey to get a broad sense of the pain points and challenges that potential end users face.🤔 2️⃣. Conduct user interviews to deep dive into the problems that clearly show up in Step 1. The aim is to be able to create a clear user flow — steps that users take to go from a problem to a solution. 📝 3️⃣ Consolidate all your learnings in the form of user personas, which groups users based on their problems rather than their "titles". 🥸 4️⃣. Create your use case document, where you define one use case per user persona. 🎯 Before we did this series, we wrote an in-depth community article focused on Step 4. It was after all the discussions with you folks and the questions that you asked during office hours that we decided to do an entire series on defining a use case. Thanks for asking such insightful questions! 💙 We have put together all the resources in one place in a tracker, along with steps that you can easily tick off as you go. You can find it here and customize it as much as you want!

Use Case Process Tracker
Use Case Process Tracker

It has also been added to the Community - Link!

I also want to introduce you to Nandini (cc'd here). She leads our community initiatives at Atlan and going forward will be sending out these weekly digests 🚀

I hope these 4 parts were helpful in understanding how you could design high-value use cases. Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

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